Positive Living: The 12 Rules of Reality

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Here are 12 special guidelines for positive living that I designed to  help you to live a more effective and fulfilling life. I created these as the basis for a series of articles which will provide the detail and expand on the meaning. These are currently in preparation.

I make no claim that this list is exhaustive. Others may have favorites they would like to add or substitute.  The matters dealt with are based on my own experience of what I believe to be key areas requiring attention.

I appreciate that in their present form, without explanation to support them, they won’t be as readily understood by those who are not familiar with other writers in this field. Persevere if you will, you’ll find it worth the effort.

In the meantime, for a fuller explanation of the thinking behind the statements listed below, have a look at some of the other articles which appear on this website. Just click on the button marked “Sitemap” above to produce a Table of Contents. I’ve also prepared some free reports for you to download. These expand on the ideas contained here. They can be accessed through the link below or at the foot of this page.

Feel Positive and Empowered


Positive Living: The 12 Rules of Reality (Special Guidelines For Effective Living)

By Ivan Kelly

Rules of Reality #1. You are far more beautiful and able than any view of your shortcomings permits. Don’t lose sight of who you really are.

Rules of Reality #2. Your power is in the present, not in memories or concerns for the future but in the harmony of your constant attention.

Rules of Reality #3. Don’t be upset when the world isn’t to your liking. Accept, adapt, and move on.

Rules of Reality #4. Attending to what brings happiness is more important than regretting what you don’t like, fear or lack.

Rules of Reality #5. Focus. Attending to the joy of long-term happiness is more important than the benefits of short-term distractions.

Rules of Reality #6. Immerse yourself as fully as you can in the life that you want, without fears or doubts. Be there.

Rules of Reality #7. Be kind without asking whether others are deserving, because that is the act of a kind person.

Rules of Reality #8. Our experience is in natural harmony with what we think. Forgiveness recognizes our role in creating that experience.

Rules of Reality #9. Appreciate and be grateful for what you have and you will enjoy a more bountiful world.

Rules of Reality #10. Release your shortcomings and failings, accepting and appreciating the wonder of who you are.

Rules of Reality #11. Take action. Keep testing the ideas and opportunities that seem most likely to improve your position.

Rules of Reality #12. Be determined about what is truly desired, not on ways to succeed or overcoming obstacles and problems.

 You may ask others for reassurance and support but you are not helpless.  The power to improve your life remains with you. Learn to use it. ~ Ivan Kelly

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