Ivan Kelly has prepared this website to share material and experiences that he has studied, explored and applied for many years. This includes conducting numerous counseling sessions, workshops and seminars for groups and individuals.

After completing and graduating with a Masters Degree in Psychology – M.A. (Psych) – from a University in Sydney, he subsequently developed and conducted many courses on living more effectively, including personal communication, assertiveness training, building confidence and self-esteem, personal growth, leadership, stress-management, reducing anxiety, parenting, and enhancing relationships.

His publications contain the essence of what he’s learned, along with the experiences of some of those who took part.

As with any author today, what has been written builds on the work of many others who came before, like the proverbial dwarf on a giant’s shoulders. However, he has endeavored to make the presentation of the ideas as clear and useful as possible, in the hope that you will benefit.

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