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Abraham-Hicks: Things You Should Do Everyday

The Better you FEEL! the more you allow. ~ Abraham-Hicks. In this excellent video, worth watching several times, Abraham outlines a way of living that brings more peace, contentment and feelings of well-being to your life.

Alannah Myles – Black Velvet

The stirring classic rock number Black Velvet won Alannah the 1990 Grammy for best female rock vocalist. Released in 1989, in went to #1 on the Canadian chart before being released in the U.S.

Reflections On Love And Positivity – 25

Some of the finest Reflections On Love And Positivity are best presented in a more lyrical form, which allows new dimensions and feelings to be included within the same space. Metaphor is an excellent way of stretching the imagination and taking us where simple prose cannot easily go. This selection draws in particular from nature…

Reflections On Love and Positivity – 24

Central to these Reflections On Love and Positivity is an understanding of the way we think. Not only do we entertain negative and positive thoughts – which collectively shape our perception, behavior and ultimately our destiny – we often allow these thoughts to persist when they serve us badly. Knowing how and when to let…

Fleetwood Mac: Go Your Own Way

A concert stage performance of Fleetwood Mac in 1977 when they (the men at least) were young and hairy. Great music celebrating it’s time to move on.

Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here

One of the most beautiful ballads ever, ‘Wish You Were Here‘, by Pink Floyd, is presented here to lift your day and remind you of those you love.

Changing Beliefs, Changing Significance

Thoughts and feelings which trouble us may signal the need for changing beliefs. People sometimes feel they are at the mercy of ‘unconscious’ thoughts which spring to mind without any conscious beckoning on their part. These thoughts arouse negative feelings, such a anxiety, anger, envy, resentment, and the like, which affect our judgement and the…

Reflections On Love And Positivity – 23

Some of the most enjoyable Reflections On Love And Positivity are expressed in a more lyrical form, which allows access to dimensions and feelings not easily reached by a more prosaic form. These statements are especially concerned with the inner you: recognizing it; experiencing it; living with it. They take you on a journey where…

Reflections On Love and Positivity – 22

At the heart of Reflections On Love and Positivity lies the key issue of being able to shift from a negative mindset to a more positive outlook and, in particular, to be able to focus more clearly on areas of greater interest. Unfortunately, we don’t always realize that we have a negative perspective as what…

Reflections on Love and Positivity – 21

Some of the key Reflections on Love and Positivity considered in this collection are ways handling stress, those who criticize us, and our own self-esteem. Very often our thoughts simply rampage and we follow them without hestitation, feeling helpless as we trail behind their rush and the negative feelings which accompany them. Here is a…

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