Reflections On Love And Positivity – 20

This is a broad ranging collection of Reflections On Love And Positivity that considers, love, kindness, loneliness, sadness and more, using a poetic style to capture more than is usually possible in one or two sentences. This form stretches the imagination and reaches out to our feelings. For a fuller explanation of the thinking behind…

Bruce Lipton: Spontaneous Evolution

In this video interview, Spontaneous Evolution is discussed by Bruce Lipton, giving insights on how beliefs – what we think – affects, and has affected, the development of man.

Louise Hay: Thoughts Are Creating Our Future

Louise Hay: Thoughts Are Creating Our Future is a video in which she discusses how every thought we think, and every word we speak, are creating our own future. Our thoughts go out into the universe, are accepted and brought back to use as experience. We just think, think,..

Bruce Lipton: The Power of Consciousness

An impressive and revealing interview with Bruce Lipton, who comments on The Power of Consciousness.

Reflections On Love And Positivity – 19

This collection of Reflections On Love And Positivity considers what it means to have a beautiful heart – and what the blockages are that prevent us from having a beautiful life, living in a beautiful world. Another area considered is control. We often try to exercise control over our lives by controlling aspects of the…

Reflections On Love And Positivity – 18

These Reflections On Love And Positivity consider in particular issues of boundaries and problems and what is required to get beyond them. Often what prevents us from moving ahead is something simple;  not our desires, but continuing to look in the wrong direction. Then when we see clearly our destination, we worry about our ability to…

Reflections On Love And Positivity – 17

Continuing the series of Reflections On Love And Positivity, this selection contains a range of comments using a more lyrical style. They mostly express, in a variety of ways, the important principle of natural harmony; that is, the harmony between cause and effect. Many will recognize this principle is to be found in most religions…

Positive Living: The 12 Rules of Reality

Here are 12 special guidelines for positive living that I designed to  help you to live a more effective and fulfilling life. I created these as the basis for a series of articles which will provide the detail and expand on the meaning. These are currently in preparation. I make no claim that this list…

Stop Procrastinating in Just 21 Days – Review

To stop procrastinating you can opt for expensive, supervised training as a means of changing habits, or you can choose a targeted, concise manual which clearly sets out what has to be done and does this for a much lower cost. At the heart of procrastination is avoidance. That is, avoidance about making a decision….

Reflections On Love And Positivity – 16

A collection of Reflections On Love And Positivity that pays special attention to the role of perception and beliefs; how they interact and reinforce one another and by doing so shape our current idea of what is ‘real’. This perception, in turn, also affects the options and possibilities that we are alert to and the…

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