Reflections On Love And Positivity – 19

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This collection of Reflections On Love And Positivity considers what it means to have a beautiful heart – and what the blockages are that prevent us from having a beautiful life, living in a beautiful world. Another area considered is control. We often try to exercise control over our lives by controlling aspects of the external world, which is often futile and stressful. So, thoughts on another way are offered.

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Reflections On Love And Positivity – 19

By Ivan Kelly

1. A beautiful heart is less concerned with how it appears and more alive to the beauty of others.

2. Don’t allow YOUR life to echo the emptiness of another’s. Sing your own song!

3. Those good feelings you experience with music or meditation offer continuing benefits if you remain in touch with them throughout the day.

4. Don’t wait for good treatment before you begin to feel good. Feel the harmony that’s always within and don’t let it go when provoked.

5. If being miserable is your passion, learn to let go. The joy you want is near, awaiting your attention. Embrace those loving feelings.

6. No matter how horrible your life is, look past your problems and restore contact with feelings of love and well-being. See life improve.

7. We tend to become so distracted by ‘real’ problems that we lose contact with those feelings which would overcome them.

8. There is really only one requirement for a good life: to stay aligned with loving feelings. Don’t let problems lead you from them.

9. The decisions you make today are the seeds from which your future grows.

10. Peace and harmony are restored to our world when we learn to let go anger and grievances; to remain with the joy of our true self.

11. Don’t worry about changing the world. It will improve as you make the changes within.

12. You don’t need to understand. You only need to allow yourself to feel the love.

13. You don’t control your life by controlling those around you but by appreciating the life you have as much as the one you want.

14. Our lives are constantly purposeful, directed by our strongest interests, whether angry, depressing or fearful; loving or beautiful.

15. The search for a more beautiful life ends with the discovery that releasing joy fills our world with beauty.

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