Reflections On Love And Positivity – 20

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This is a broad ranging collection of Reflections On Love And Positivity that considers, love, kindness, loneliness, sadness and more, using a poetic style to capture more than is usually possible in one or two sentences. This form stretches the imagination and reaches out to our feelings.

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Reflections On Love And Positivity – 20

By Ivan Kelly

1. Nurture your soul with kindness; grow heart flowers that constantly bloom.

2. She silently gathered those petals swept up in the storm, remnants of a rose stained by a solitary, orange moon.

3. In the sadness of day, she turned to the spirit with love and the dark fire brightened, untamed.

4. She sat unnoticed in the shade when into the sunlight fluttered a black butterfly with bold wings.

5. Discovering the many aspects of love, she bathed daily in a river of joy.

6. He spoke to his audience about aspects of love and saw Kindness warmly applaud and heard Generosity’s excited call.

7. It can be difficult to see beyond the dim light of our failures, so rekindle hope and fan it until the flame is bright again.

8. Her love, no longer content to quietly hum, now yearned for a glorious song.

9. It was a beautiful, shared moment that slipped past the shadows of uncertainty and touched her.

10. Look upon yourself as a butterfly that dances and sings, not as a stone that gets pounded by the surf.

11. Beyond pain, glimmers stir as kindling within deep reds, darklings newly aglow, eager to be born.

12. A song of the legend, pale blue and tired, faded as the fire dancer charmed and beckoned.

13. A sad thought struggled free and leaped into the wild, exposed, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide; a black dog in the snow.

14. A softening of the night opened to a rainbow flame across the sky, a return to glory, a reawakening.

15. Seek out those who bring sunshine into your life and pass by those who live in the shade.

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