Reflections on Love and Positivity – 21

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Some of the key Reflections on Love and Positivity considered in this collection are ways handling stress, those who criticize us, and our own self-esteem. Very often our thoughts simply rampage and we follow them without hestitation, feeling helpless as we trail behind their rush and the negative feelings which accompany them. Here is a more positive perspective in your search for better results.

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Feel Positive and Empowered


Reflections on Love and Positivity – 21

By Ivan Kelly

1. Feeling resistance to your preferred goal means another, a competing interest is clamoring for attention. Silence it. Choose it no longer.

2. All interpretation is rooted in the ego, the conscious mind’s search for meaning in its perceptions.

3. A guru may guide you to direct experiences that are beneficial, but explanations and interpretations are often mere speculation.

4. You know you are making progress when you admire the qualities of those who would belittle you.

5. Life is more enjoyable when we see what we are truly capable of rather than our failings.

6. We are more likely to be welcomed in our dealings with others by appreciating and uplifting them rather than finding fault.

7. Be prepared to deal with your critics by appreciating who they are and the viewpoint they offer without losing sight of your own vision.

8. Don’t counter-attack those who find fault with you. Seize the initiative by uplifting and acknowledging the worth of your critics.

9. An important yet neglected skill: learning to switch our attention from thoughts which trouble us to those which further our interests.

10. Constantly analyzing a problem stresses your body and your inner systems target a problem, not a solution. Stop ‘thinking’. Enjoy!

11. A hugely effective way to build our own inner strength, confidence and self-esteem is by actively empowering and uplifting others.

12. Success depends more on riding the flow of joyous passion than on agility or brute force.

13. When feeling down, our attention is naturally taken by those things which sadden us and overlook those which could lead to a happier place.

14. Core values help us stay in touch with constant good feelings. They are also a haven to weather stormy times.

15. When you are so accustomed to stress that calm time feels like copping out, you need to change the relationship you have with yourself.

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