Reflections On Love and Positivity – 22

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At the heart of Reflections On Love and Positivity lies the key issue of being able to shift from a negative mindset to a more positive outlook and, in particular, to be able to focus more clearly on areas of greater interest. Unfortunately, we don’t always realize that we have a negative perspective as what we see are grim details of our world and there is plenty of evidence that what we perceive is true.

It is not my intention to deny that the unhappy situations you see are true. They are the truths that YOU see and there are other truths which are also true which could be of great benefit to you – if you were alert to them.

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Reflections On Love and Positivity – 22

By Ivan Kelly

1. If you start each day afresh and not cloud your view with storms from the past, the way ahead is much clearer.

2. She knew his finest gift to her was to bring to the surface the love which naturally flowed.

3. Those who ask for an opinion in conflict resolution often mean ‘How do I get the other party to surrender?’

4. Letting it happen is more effective when you take steps to make it happen.

5. The possible choices you are alert to are in harmony with your major interests: what you love and what you fear.

6. You may be born with god-given potential but you still have to learn to use it.

7. Perceptual bias focuses our attention on those things which interest us – both good and bad. The choices we see are limited by this view.

8. We tend to expect others to be ‘just like me’. Accepting them as they are allows their uniqueness to be seen and appreciated.

9. Our experience of life is always in the present, so make the best of today and you’ll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

10. You know what you want. Stop looking for reasons and just do it!

11. Each moment is magical, offering choices and opportunities that seamlessly move your life towards those things which hold your attention.

12. Though you have lots of good reasons to be unhappy, the path to wellness lies in setting them aside, to be happy anyway.

13. Those subtle feelings of disquiet you experience are telling you to pause, to reconsider your choice.

14. When you have good reasons to be upset, remember you don’t need a good reason to be happy. Those feelings simply await your attention.

15. Misery is a choice you make when you move away from the tranquil feelings ever ready to soothe you.

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