Reflections On Love And Positivity – 23

Flowering Jacaranda tree, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Flowering Jacaranda tree, Harare, Zimbabwe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some of the most enjoyable Reflections On Love And Positivity are expressed in a more lyrical form, which allows access to dimensions and feelings not easily reached by a more prosaic form. These statements are especially concerned with the inner you: recognizing it; experiencing it; living with it. They take you on a journey where you will often enjoy something more wondrous; where you will feel something of the inner self; where you will sense the love and harmony.

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Reflections On Love And Positivity – 23

By Ivan Kelly

1. Uneasy in the glaring blue, the brightness of the day, she warily searched for storms.

2. She knew a world of strength renewed, where butterflies clash with dragons and magic levels the field.

3. The rose looked upon the beauty of Love and blushed, yielding to Love’s sweet touch a fragrant greeting.

4. Strength and power can harvest a mighty crop, but the fruits of love are more delicious.

5. His memories had built walls of steel but Kindness visited his dreams and he awoke to the softness of a new day.

6. In solitary dance, her eager spirit, enrapt with music and song, whirled, boundless; grace and joy let flight!

7. The lone wolf roamed the dreamworld without pack or ally, joy unhindered; its howl magnificent and free!

8. When weeping stopped, she returned to the child, to unicorns of gold and purple trees upon the hill.

10. She had learned to enter at will the warm current of love which flowed powerfully within.

11. The black and orange dress she wore masked the flickering joy; the life of painted fire.

12. He heard the furious cry of the beast but turned away, in harmony with a purer song.

13. So many spend their lives wading through a bog, fighting off the critters, when there is beauty to be seen.

14. The darkest troubles fade before the gentle light of kindness; hurt surrenders to its healing glow.

15. When you live with grace and beauty, your spiritual world sings with love and harmony.

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