Reflections On Love and Positivity – 24

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Central to these Reflections On Love and Positivity is an understanding of the way we think. Not only do we entertain negative and positive thoughts – which collectively shape our perception, behavior and ultimately our destiny – we often allow these thoughts to persist when they serve us badly. Knowing how and when to let go of our thoughts – and to do it well – is a challenge which awaits us at the beginning of this century.

The benefits awaiting civilization as we develop strategies of conscious thinking are enormous and only slowly being understood. Yet there are pioneers in every country exploring these matters and developing techniques who are willing to show the way. Here are some ideas to stir your thinking.


Reflections On Love and Positivity – 24

By Ivan Kelly

1. Perceptual bias means our negative attitudes will be justified – to ourselves. There is also a positive view waiting for us to see it.

2. The founders of many philosophies leave behind a beautiful ship… which later followers encrust with barnacles.

3. Wizardry is open to us all. The many aspects of love carry the magic we need.

4. The right person for you is looking for a beautiful heart and not just a beautiful body.

5. When we help others find their serenity, we too share in the peace and harmony.

6. To truly help others, be at peace with yourself. An untroubled mind is a blessing you can share.

7. When you discover the you within, you’ll know you’re never alone.

8. Thinking that you can do well is not conceit; it’s a better understanding of who you are; an appreciation of your real worth.

9. An unfriendly environment may dictate our first reaction but our responsibility lies in seeing beyond that, and acting constructively.

10. When people complain, they are alarmed by a negative view. When aware of love and beauty, they spread harmony.

11. We spend much of our lives learning to think, analyze, and judge. We also need to learn how and when not to do that; to find peace.

12. Accepting more of who we really are frees us of limits that say we can’t; opens the way to being what we can.

13. The easiest way to change the world is to first change ourselves. Our personal world will align with who we have chosen to be.

14. Gracious living doesn’t depend on attending the right schools or an abundance of physical things but on empathy and kindness.

15. If you live in an uncaring world, think of what you could be running towards instead of escaping from.

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