Reflections On Love And Positivity – 25

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Some of the finest Reflections On Love And Positivity are best presented in a more lyrical form, which allows new dimensions and feelings to be included within the same space. Metaphor is an excellent way of stretching the imagination and taking us where simple prose cannot easily go.

This selection draws in particular from nature and myth as a source of images that urge you to reach out and discover, experience more of who you really are.

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Reflections On Love And Positivity – 25

By Ivan Kelly

1. If every flower in the garden was a rose, our sense of beauty would be dulled. So each flower delights us in its own unique way.

2. He dreamed a stark landscape of empty glasses, waking to a blue sky and a soon grim day.

3. When we are known for throwing stones, people learn to keep their distance. Throwing kind thoughts is a more rewarding skill.

4. As Love sang to Beauty, embers of Being sparked, suddenly aflame.

5. Anger bowed to a stronger power, for Love’s call awakened Beauty.

6. She knew only thorns and pain and dreamed of a world where flowers bloom, till alert to her dreams by day.

7. Kindness and Joy reached out to the world and they, in turn, knew Beauty.

8. They came upon the River of Love, a magical source flowing to the inner Kingdom.

9. It was a beautiful, shared moment that slipped past the shadows of uncertainty and touched her innermost being.

10. Don’t be afraid of the reefs. Imagine basking on a sandy shore.

11. The Guardians rallied under Joy. Aspects of Love repelled the beast and light dispelled the gloom.

12. Staying in touch with what you value is the rudder which guides you towards your vision. Fear and doubt are anchors.

13. The path you are looking for leads to the beauty within.

14. Life is a rainbow of possibilities. You get to choose the color you wish to live.

15. She awakened to the song of a new day, clear heart opening; a wildflower child eager to laugh and dance in the freshness of the dawn.

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